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Investing in Your Experience

At Collins Family Dentistry, we believe our patients deserve the very best care available. That’s why we’re dedicated to continuing education and investing in the latest treatments and technologies so we can bring the most advanced solutions back home to our patients in Sherman, TX. Cutting edge digital and laser technology makes appointments faster, treatments more comfortable, and with less anxiety and better results than ever before.

Air Abrasion

Does the thought of the dental drill make you uncomfortable, or even downright terrified? You’re not alone. Air abrasion eliminates the need for the drill for many treatments to remove areas of decay and prepare teeth for restorations. Air abrasion uses a tiny but powerful stream of air and fine particles, sort of like a sandblaster for your teeth! Air abrasion is less scary and more conservative for removing decay and leaving healthy tooth structure intact.

Digital X-rays

X-ray technology has come a long way in recent years, and digital upgrades have truly revolutionized the medical and dental fields for the better. Digital x-rays are safer as they produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, and can be taken conveniently in a matter of seconds right from the dental chair. No need to go into another room and hold perfectly still – better not mess up or you’ll have to start all over! Digital x-rays are quick, easy, and accurate, and can be viewed alongside the doctor right from the dental chair.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras have been another of the greatest revolutions in modern dentistry. In the past, the only way we could get a good look at the surfaces of your mouth was through the magic of sight and the help of a tiny dental mirror to peer around corners. Today, intraoral cameras give us high-resolution digital images that can be intensely magnified and viewed on the screen so you can see what we see. This allows us to detect disease and decay sooner and allows you to better understand your oral health and treatment needs.

Laser Dentistry

We can’t talk about dental technology revolutions without talking about lasers! Lasers are an amazing tool we use to provide treatments that are less invasive without the need for cutting and sewing. Lasers offer a more conservative approach that leaves healthy tissue intact for faster healing and better results. We use the Fotona Lightwalker® laser for both hard and soft tissue procedures including restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, oral surgery, and periodontics. Our Lightwalker laser helps us improve patient comfort, decrease time in the chair, and offer better clinical results for better oral health.

Home Care Products


Whether you suffer from chronic tooth decay or gum disease, or you’re just trying to take the very best care of your mouth and body, we would love to introduce you to CariFree. CariFree is an amazing line of oral home care products including toothpaste and rinses that help balance the pH of your mouth. CariFree changes the chemical balance of your mouth, effectively reducing acidity and bacteria that can cause oral and overall health problems. CariFree is clinically proven to help treat gum disease and prevent tooth decay.


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